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Recreating Orwell's journey

80 years after George Orwell went on The Road to Wigan Pier, we recreated his journey reporting on how thing have changed. Click on areas on the interactive map to discover the area-by-area picture.

The People

I lost my job then I lost my home

Read Gary's story

I was knocked off my bike so lost my job - now I'm struggling on benefits

Read Vincent's story

We help people get back on their feet - I know what it's like to have nothing

Read Becky's story

I was homeless - now I'm applying for university

Read Ryan's story

I tried to kill myself a few weeks ago, I don't have a penny to my name

Read Kyle's story

Our customers are homeless and struggling but we need places where people can meet

Read Lawrence's story

People are broken because of Universal Credit

Read Joanne's story

I didn't have a childhood - I thought I didn't have a future

Read Josh's story

I lost my job then my home - I threw myself in the canal because I couldn't see a way out

Read John's story

People are feeling very isolated

Read Geraldine's story

There aren't any real jobs here any more

Read Margaret's story

I still live at home so I can have money

Read John-Jo's story

I'm a pensioner and come to the foodbank for breakfast

Read Mary's story

My landlord threw me out when I was pregnant

Read Amina's story

The Jobcentre decides if I eat or go hungry

Read Geoff's story

I pay £100 a week for a basement flat - it's depressing but better than nothing

Read Roger's story

My children live abroad and I don't blame them - they need opportunites

Read Jean's story

I want to be a good dad: this is my last chance

Read John's story

Services are too stretched... the vulnerable need more help

Read John's story

I had a stroke at 29 and everything changed

Read Valerie's story

I couldn't afford to keep my job

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