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Recreating Orwell's journey

80 years after George Orwell went on The Road to Wigan Pier, we recreated his journey reporting on how thing have changed. Click on areas on the interactive map to discover the area-by-area picture.

The People

I'm looking for work - I eat at my mum's to save money

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People come here hungry - their children are hungry

Read Pam's story

I live on £146 a fortnight - I can't save for retirement

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For two days a month I can't afford to eat

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I'm 19 and living in a tent

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I'm being pressured to take work - and it terrifies me

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Things are getting worse for us and our patients

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Manchester has changed a great deal in my lifetime but poverty has never left us

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I swam from Turkey to Greece to escape Syria then slept on the street in Manchester

Read Mohammed's story

We give hot food to up to 140 people a night, but there's more to it than just feeding them

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I won't stand back and watch people starve

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There are people in this city who can't afford to eat

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I’m going back on the streets to avoid the pointless benefits system

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Debt is a way of life round here

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I see people smartly dressed, walking miles... they're homeless

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I see poverty and isolation getting worse

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Poor students face a closed door on higher education

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All I have is a kettle... to survive you have to watch every penny

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We're the first generation not to go to university

Read Frankie's story

I see people walking in to jobs I can't get because their parents have money

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It got too much so I leapt on a bus and left it all behind me

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A tent in the park was my home for three years

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