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Recreating Orwell's journey

80 years after George Orwell went on The Road to Wigan Pier, we recreated his journey reporting on how thing have changed. Click on areas on the interactive map to discover the area-by-area picture.

The People

I've got a job but I can't always afford food

Read Kelly's story

I used to work in the steel industry - now I survive on £100 a week

Read Philip's story

I came here from Japan - I'm shocked at how many people don't have food or a home

Read Shun's story

More and more people are falling out of the system

Read Howard's story

People come to us with just the clothes they're standing up in

Read Helen's story

People are going for food without days - that's normal now - parents are living off their children's leftovers

Read Chris's story

Before I started volunteering I was living in a bubble

Read Alison's story

I lived in a tent for two years - someone set it on fire

Read Chris's story

We're supporting people who don't have enough to eat - demand is through the roof

Read Steve's story

People walk past me as if I am scum

Read Daniel's story

I won't have any money for Christmas, I don't even have a pair of shoes

Read Gillian's story

Foodbanks are the norm...

Read Nick's story

When they took my PIP I couldn't afford to eat

Read Lisa's story

I'm trying to feed two adults and six kids on child benefit

Read Faye's story

I'm not living, I'm surviving

Read Paul's story

I thought I'd follow my dad into the steel mill

Read Jack's story

My generation will never be comfortable... we're aiming for OK

Read Scott's story

Sheffield has given me sanctuary

Read Patricia's story

I live in a caravan - it's about survival and community

Read Wayne's story

My partner is coughing up blood but they still want him to look for work

Read Jackie's story

We should be doing more for refugees... we English aren’t always so friendly

Read Graham's story

I am grateful Britain gave me a new home but still feel so very lonely

Read Mamo's story

I want a job - any job

Read Ibrahim's story

I'm 91 and never been out of work... the next generation won't be so lucky

Read Stan's story

I can't afford to rent... all the new places are for students

Read Kirstie's story

I was better off on benefits but work gave me my dignity

Read Chris's story

There just aren't any jobs for young people

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